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It’s all about message impact and brand recall.

Who are we.

Advertising is called the idea industry with good reason. The creators of successful corporate brands begin with an idea, a clear cut vision as to the identity and image they want their brand to have, and then methodically and purposefully work towards its fulfillment. The idea may have different expressions, but only one interpretation.

The idea has got to be sufficiently powerful and portable to carry across all the various media in vogue today, especially the digital media and mobile apps. Your advertising agency is your most reliable partner in the strategic development of your brand. That's because it brings the much-needed outside perspective, and specialised skills.





Why Us?

It’s all about message impact and brand recall. Hence we call ourselves Minds In Action. It takes a mind factory where the production line is constantly churning out new ideas as soon as others get rejected, or delivered. Even though our response times are quick, we are thorough in the investigation of your needs, and finding the right solutions.

MIA takes your brand and takes a closer look at the marketplace. Then sit back and formulate strategies based on current trends. We either create new ideas around existing brand identities or reposition the brand image to appeal to the target demographics for wider audience reach. MIA can be your tactical partner, media ambassador and your creative fountainhead.

Some clients are quite apt to think of their ad. agency as a supplier of artworks and evaluate the billing accordingly. But creativity begins much before the actual graphics. Creativity and branding are subjective phenomena. For serious brands comparing physical artworks cannot be without taking into account the individual forcefulness of the message, and the sophistication of its expression is self-defeating. In an industry in which there are virtually no trade secrets, we still pride ourselves on our transparency and open mindedness.

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